Guo Shao 20+6 but send fatal error! Liaoning 100-106 loses Jilin [30P]

Guo Shao 20+6 but send fatal error! Liaoning 100-106 loses Jilin [30P]Beijing time on November 9, CBA convention surpasses Liaoning assume personal command the 9th round advocate with 100-106 not enemy Jilin team, expose to the sun the one big an unexpected winner that gives epicycle. Jilin team is in last Liaoning advocate win a ball or 2015 January, this is 3 years are lain between when them again guest field beats Liaoning. Benchangbi surpasses Jilin team Zhang Biao 19 minutes, Lan Pei gets 13 bank 17 minutes 3 pairs of data of 12 secondary attack, Chai Changyi 22 cent, Jones 20 minutes. Liaoning team breaths out De Sen 26 minutes 8 secondary attack, Guo Ailun De Jun of 20 cent, Han 10 minutes of 8 backboard, Ba Si 24 minutes of 12 backboard. First match at the beginning Han Dejun takes the 1st minute for team below onslaught basket, lan Pei breaths out De Sen and Li Xiaoxu to hit the target 3 minutes one after another after planted agent is procurable ball, lan Pei is ticked off Cong Mingchen also hit the target 3 minutes after the hand is procurable ball, feel of heavenly body of world of Jilin team ginger is pretty good and successive hit the target shoot a basket, it is the mutual dispute that Han Dejun and Lan Pei leave in basket subsequently, allan of two bouts Guo and Ba Silian  add are team to notch finally, both sides is hit into 21 smooth. Chai Changyi is in the 2nd to hit the target 3 minutes at the beginning ball, and Ba Si attacks firepower in what opened his t[……]


Treat the earthy method of plain word grain

The grain between eyebrow arose in everybody’s forehead deep drape, look as ” plain ” child, consequently and the grain between famous eyebrow. The grain between eyebrow makes a person look sullen, consequently it is anxious in the eye of a lot of people, the delegate of anguish. The cause that the grain between eyebrow causes has a lot of, for example skin water portion is insufficient, often frown etc, it is good that consequently everybody wants to prevent the grain between eyebrow to had needed the ground is advertent these a few respects. That Zuo , what does daily life treat the earthy means of plain word grain to have?

The cleared means of the grain between eyebrow

1, thumb from upgrade just began to wipe between eyebrow, ring finger, medium big toe from bone of bridge of the nose down end of tip of the brow, eyebrow, temporal position march toward the massage that makes screw, relapse 8-10 second.

2, finger aspect is presse 上海后花园419d gently on the tip of the brow of black eyeball upper part 8 times, the assemble bamboo acupuncture point in fokelore is here, the person that did eye health care to hold still ought to remember. What press gently is additional slowly upgrade raises the skin, the skin that keeps eyebrow ministry periphery extends gender and glamour, do in that way usually can prevent the grain between eyebrow.

3, before just beginning massage prepare ahead of schedule.

Clear completely for the first time facial ministry, with protect wet filling[……]


Take the disadvantage of birth control annulus

In sexual life of husband and wife, what we all pays close attention to more usually is the problem of contraceptive measure, the harm that was pregnant to do abortion to be aimed at feminine uterus accidentally is very big, not only possible meeting causes miscarriage, and possible also meeting causes disease of other department of gynaecology, the body and mind that affects a lady badlier is healthy, but use contraceptive in what can choose for we all usually measure also is a lot of, resemble going up birth control annulus is a very general kind of contraceptive measure, but head the branch that contraceptive annulus contraceptive measure is good part and malpractice.

What does the corrupt practice that heads contraceptive annulus have?

Buy is put or be to get off the cure of uterine antrum operation such as contraceptive annulus, cause inflammation possibly, for example pelvic infection, but we all is beardless and excessive anxious, because cu广州夜网 广州夜网re of life of the husband and wife before the operation, operation disinfects antiseptic and lax exacting,the generation key Zuo of inflammation is, or it is the suitable scope before the operation chooses not to be pooh-poohed, reproductive system can have inflammation formerly, the subacute that through the operation cure is affected and causes comes on external diffusion, and南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发 even operation of lens of the antrum that make a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale causes inflammation possibly also.[……]


Allay a fever presses what place

The state that human body gives to have a fever is each basin friend actually had experienced, longitudinal has a fever to do well actually concerned cure protects the job in possible. Common cure is protected there is bath of apply of apply heat, ice, Wenshui to wait in the job, also having a kind of method also is relatively general, it is massage is aided antifebrile, but the knows acupuncture point way area with in that way method appropriate need, if not clear basin friendly Zuo is,prevent to apply in that way method to develop cure.

Have a fever massage inside close acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: Acupuncture point adding up to cereal is located in on the hand body of the body, after the five fingers closes approach, the sarcous among thumb and ring finger is highest everywhere. Left hand and right hand have way of an acupuncture point each.

Skill: With in addition the big toe of a hand shows abdomen exerts oneself to do sth. the dot is pressed inside it is OK to close acupuncture point.

Action: Applicable have a fever the fever that the cold causes asthma of calorific, cough, spread the unwell feeling disease such as snot, n&v snuffle.

Have a fever massage big vertebra acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: After big vertebra acupuncture point is located at the neck the place intermediate, of raised very big skeleton outside predestined relationship position. 南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛

Skill: The ring finger that uses a hand, medium it is[……]