Massage close yuan of acupuncture point

Medicine massages acupuncture point in, it is method of a kind of first-rate healthy preserve one’s health, and even below the case that our human body  上海千花宝贝gives unwell sense, massage acupuncture point path also is to be able to be begun reduce, but premise condition is,we all should be familiar with action of the place that acupuncture point and key. A lot of people do not understand actually close yuan of acupuncture point, actually, if speak of to close the position of yuan of acupuncture point, that Zuo we all understood relatively — close yuan of point at navel eye lower part. That Zuo , does massage close yuan of acupuncture point what to effect there is?

Issueing an abdomen, on the net between Qianzhengzhong, 3 inches should fall in hilum. Li of side that the skin before cloth has the nerval between dozenth costal region supports, abdominal cavity is shallow move, vein raises fasten and next celiac moving, vein supports a department. Advocate smelt metal is apoplectic take off disease, kidney empty pants, frequent seminal emission, impotent, hernia, enuresis, drench chaotic, frequent micturition make water is urgent, anuria, pee carries blood, menstruation is not moved, classics is painful, empty of liver gloomy kidney, qing Dynasty is rare, menstrual uterine bleeding, bellyacke, have loose bowels, dysenteric reach urethral infection, versatility uterus is unusual bleed, uterine prolapse, neurasthenic, faint, shock. Have hale effect. Straight thrust 1-1.5 inc[……]


Do 7 months behave the baby normally what is there?

Big in July darling, human body is lying the link of mushroom development, so that make sure everything of little baby is normal,grow development, in little baby raise the level must much more serious, father mother want much study to groom a few science consider to raise kind, at the moment little baby is mixture feed completely commonly, milk powder feed is indispensable, the mother that has a level is returned can feed of pure mother milk, should give baby in addition effective complementary feed add, what can big in July little baby have is everything basically behaved normally?

Darling everything basically behaves 7 months normally:

The hair bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 is the fastest time in little baby lifetime is after the baby is born paragraph. The development climate standard of a lot of little babies can be described with flying development. The circumstance of 7 months issues darling, can learn a lot of things already, can state the affection of oneself already. A lot of parents to the growth of little baby actually development is not very master. That Zuo darling is everything basically behaves 7 months normally how?

Darling 7 months all normal and main show

In July when child Morpheus c南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发an from smooth lie break up dish lie to side sle南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发ep. He just began house of can advertent neighbor or the noise that come out outside. At this moment he not only climb extraction original story to increase increasingly, and do not rely on strong point c[……]


Balsam pear diuresis

It is to be in what season no matter, we all must water more, in that way ability is OK a few litter of all normal cleared bodies and endotoxin, prevent long-term accumulation to be in abdomen, be aimed at food of a few diuretic, can taking more below summertime circumstance, for example aubergine, east beans of melon, Ji , turnip these, this kind feeds material to be aimed at the body have first-rate advantageous micturition effect, and a few still can clear hot detoxify stops thirsty.

Diuresis food for example: East benevolence of beans of Ji of melon, Chinese rhubarb melon, cucumber, aubergine, the seed of Job’s tears, tomato, three-colored amaranth, turnip, pomegranate, red carry, leaf of orange, purple perilla, muskmelon, cordate houttuynia root, meng of green, round green, Qing Ning… . . Beans waiting for Ji – the action bag of Ji beans key contains: Enrich the blood filling gas, advantageous micturition, detumescence, drive the towel gourd such as cardiac active – the gender is cool, can divide heat, benevolence rice of poisonous Yi of advantageous micturition, dispel – can advantageous micturition eliminates body endotoxin and needless water portion east melon – east melon is advantageous micturition diminish inflammation, clear hot reduce internal heat, still can see alcoholic drink, reduce weight thin body.

Annotations: 广州夜网 广州夜网Advantageous micturition goes to melon east the action key of oedema depends on in watermelon skin, reason wants gross in[……]


Those who had sent is holothurian and general boil how long

At present the three finished products of market Shanghai that are air doing completely for the most part, crucial in that way as a result of,be convenient memory, as a result of the sea three it is relatively precious feed capable person. Dry holothurian eating to want to be sent with vesicle before, does bubble open the good holothurian and general how long that boil to you just can eat? What bubble has left is holothurian it is OK to need to be heated up in water only, if we all does not set his mind at so that the word can boil more than 10 minutes more, actual kind everybody looks.

One, that Zuo sea three how long to stew?

1, if be to deliver the of great capacity that control three, the sea thre上海夜网 上海夜网e oneself are ripe, accordingly if be in Shui Zhongchao can take, if disturbed heart can boil on 5 minutes of Zuo .

2, if be Xian Hai ginseng, want to boil a hour in caldron commonly, stew is subsequently cool, ability is OK ripe. Or it is oil explodes, can take instantly, but taste is relatively good fragile, japanese people is eaten raw, the question is not accordingly big also. But maintain the of great capacity certainly of three fresh d西安夜网 西安夜网egree.

3, what if be,had not sent is dry holothurian or it is saline be soiled holothurian, general need boils 40 minutes, stew is subsequently cool. Reappearance is made, water hair became good it is good that with respect to according to the first kind of holothurian practice is solved.

2, holothurian how epi[……]