The function of cerebrospinal fluid

The cerebra of the person of the body is very crucial human body organ, and the structure of the cerebra of the body is more comple上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛x, the one part of the brain that makes body person also is exceedingly crucial. If everything one position produces cerebrum amid of the person,unripe disease problem is the essence that causes everybody to lose health of a few body and mind. The head organizes a of the cerebra that is body person to make a part. And the cerebral tissue of the body also is more complex, the quantity that head of some people metabolization organizes is need is advertent and measurable. Cerebral tissue has very crucial effect in the cerebra of body person. But what is the action that the head organizes?

The generation that the head organizes: Cerebral tissue is crucial by ventricle pluralism from cause, grain by soft film, arachnoid capillary the room canal film with ventricle of classics of all previous of the fluid outside cerebral cell is epithelial outside ooze. Cerebral tissue is caused inside cerebral room, below the effect that in fluid Zuo radical picket presses from ventricle infuse arachnoid next antrum, return vein system via arachnoid bead again. The Mao Rongchuang on arachnoid bead enters hard meningeal hole, have the effect of unilateral heart valve, tissue of only concessional brain enters vein and blood of block the way is refluent.

The action that the head organizes: Cerebral tissue has crucial effect smoothly to maintaining the fluid outside neural system cell. Tissue of blood pressure brain is surrounding a head to organize, reasonable cache actuating pressure, prevent the广州夜网 广州夜网 concussion sex that organizes to the head when wave motion. Additional, outside suffer master piece is used and suddenly when move, won’t have gotten the much power that prop up head of cache of fission of 2 brains tissue and backbone nerval actuating pressure, have to head and backbone nerve safeguard and applicable effect. Haemal head and backbone nerve do not have lymphatic blood-vessel, inside neural system car the head of circular fluidity organizes the effect that has tissue fluid, the organization that it is a head produces nutrient part, carry a material of one part metabolism. The plasma that compensatory brain tissue organizes to holding a head is permeated pressure reach soda acid to concern key effect. Load circulate according to cerebrospinal fluid, cerebral ministry can be adjusted on certain level actuating pressure.

Cerebral tissue restricts all normal adult 100-150ml, its scale is 1, show alkalescent, without hematic cell, but microlitre cubage contains 5 nets to knit red blood cell about. All normal brain tissues have certain part and actuating pressure, the relativity that presses to maintaining skull concerns key effect smoothly. When contracting neural disease, often require inspection of cerebrospinal fluid of lumbar puncture derive, in order to help diagnose. The character that the head organizes and actuating pressure suffer the effect of varied element, if neural system generation becomes ill, nerve yuan cellular metabolization is disorder, the character that will make the head is organized and the circulatory system that if the head is organized,component generation changes; receive block relative to method, actuating pressure will raise cerebral ministry. Consequently, when neural system is injured, the head organizes examine the Zuo that becomes a key helps one of diagnose kind.



Balsam pear diuresis

It is to be in what season no matter, we all must water more, in that way ability is OK a few litter of all normal cleared bodies and endotoxin, prevent long-term accumulation to be in abdomen, be aimed at food of a few diuretic, can taking more below summertime circumstance, for example aubergine, east beans of melon, Ji , turnip these, this kind feeds material to be aimed at the body have first-rate advantageous micturition effect, and a few still can clear hot detoxify stops thirsty.

Diuresis food for example: East benevolence of beans of Ji of melon, Chinese rhubarb melon, cucumber, aubergine, the seed of Job’s tears, tomato, three-colored amaranth, turnip, pomegranate, red carry, leaf of orange, purple perilla, muskmelon, cordate houttuynia root, meng of green, round green, Qing Ning… . . Beans waiting for Ji – the action bag of Ji beans key contains: Enrich the blood filling gas, advantageous micturition, detumescence, drive the towel gourd such as cardiac active – the gender is cool, can divide heat, benevolence rice of poisonous Yi of advantageous micturition, dispel – can advantageous micturition eliminates body endotoxin and needless water portion east melon – east melon is advantageous micturition diminish inflammation, clear hot reduce internal heat, still can see alcoholic drink, reduce weight thin body.

Annotations: 广州夜网 广州夜网Advantageous micturition goes to melon east the action key of oedema depends on in watermelon skin, reason wants gross infusion tomato – the tomato that tomato has new Zuo can advantageous micturition and eliminate foot ministry are tired, reduce the problem of oedema, if be to be eaten raw directly,get a word, actual result is stronger gram – gram has advantageous micturition effect, it is the food of cool body character, can sunstroke prevention is decreased lukewarm grind coffee now, tea – tea contains tea of theine, ammonia alkaline wait and the silk of crucial factor kelp that is advantageous micturition this kind – surface layer has a bit clear sweet white is pulverous — manna is mellow, have hill of admirable advantageous micturition effect to check – fruit of new Zuo hawkthorn is cleaned pat flat, pour water with boiled water, sluggish of advantageous micturition, disappear waits for action except be bored with.

Sweet-scented osmanthus tree and goose or walnut flesh: Sweet-scented osmanthus tree and goose supplement, can fill shade method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises blood, relieve a cough expectorant medicinal powder muskmelon of detumescence of silt, advantageous micturition – having advantageous micturition phosphatide of essence radical, acerbity citric scabbard, make salt follows uric eduction satisfactorily to come corn is needed – corn needs pair of people to be able to have advantageous micturition effect, can promote fluoride eduction to measure, its are advantageous micturition effect is the sex outside kidney, because this is opposite,the oedema that various reason causes is to have certain effect bud rice – have varied effect, be like: Be good at consenescence of cell of rubbish of canal of lienal bowel of bravery of appetizing, benefit, embellish, advantageous micturition, clear regulatin西安夜网 西安夜网g blood condition, slow down, fight cancer to prevent cancer to wait for Fu Weisheng element B2 group reach mineral, but advantageous micturition, go oedema.



What is drinking the reason with fat water?

Has perhaps everybody whatted one hears so is a word: ? Unplug frame of lonely of  of Yi   protects  to kitchen Nao of ┥ of Wu of word Kang admire holds  to be worth graceful Sou Mei Mi in vain ┑ of hair worn in a bun or coil of dizzy course of study does not have mystery of Xi of Xie Ji of moth of Xue of dust  incomplete ɡ of Piao basketry Jiang Zhao beats Shu  moth Xie Ji Xi, has drunk water is to give a platoon to be beyond the body do not meet get fat. Subsequently actually really some of person waters is fat, that Zuo what reason is this after all? Below comes detailed is solved.


One, Drunk water has calorific amount, contain the drink of little candy for instance.

2, The function that the nephritic function of masses or drainpipe of organ of someone else body has the possibility problem, liver is for instance bad or the heart is not quite good wait, because drink,just may cross much water and gain flesh. This kind of fat disease is water portion stay, is not the promotion with adipose human body, if use diuresis,medicine can be handled.

And water whether reduce weight thin body? The hearsay of marketplace is: The basal metabolis of the body can consume calorific amount, cause water share, if absorbs the water share that exceeds 5000 Cc one day, fair look than ever the calorific quantity; that the person expends one times above more and the full abdomen feeling that water also can affect all normal appetite, had the interior space inside the stomach, follow a rational line to do some work well can eat relatively less. Contemporary person often as a result of work or give lessons busy or no-go, and reduce of purpose water, prevent to often run closet, often appear consequently water portion absorbs insufficient problem. Actually, this kind reduces discharge of purpose those who absor西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛b is chronic very not quite good, because of,divide heart disease and chronic kidney ill patient disease element be sure to outside demarcate drinking water, average person ought to water more. But want advertent, watering also is to have restriction, be not drink health of much body and mind more, so that reduce weight,be like thin body and a large number of long-term sex is daily drinking water, go out not to come a month can be caused ” water is toxic ” .

Water is toxic show long-term sex is drunk namely overmuch water or short-term inside inside drink water in great quantities, human body is sure to take the advantage of the will needless water portion eduction in make water to come, in giving the water share that come, the platoon contains crucial electrolyte solution, if lasts between long, the body can suffer diluent with the electrolyte solution of sodium dominant. Early days can give delicate in health lack of power, heartbeat dry impetuous of very fast, mucous membrane, skin is lost extend the disease such as the gender, more serious when and even can give muscle contraction, consciousness obstacle and insensible. “Affusion ” fill the stomach full abdomen can be caused to feel temporarily on Dali talking, but of hungry feeling causing is not to just originate in the stomach, height of blood sugar pH indicator and its vision effect and olfactory are excitant also took very big essential factor. The proposal wants to reduce weight the basin of thin body is friendly, daily drink 2000 yuan of water to human body of 2500 bold belles probably portion, drink more occasionally 500 have nothing to do however to 1000 Cc difficulties, if,can be water treat as reduce weight the means of thin body should be not talked additionally, because give till achievement whe广州夜网 广州夜网n normally already heart of compensate the upper part of the body is healthy.



Allay a fever presses what place

The state that human body gives to have a fever is each basin friend actually had experienced, longitudinal has a fever to do well actually concerned cure protects the job in possible. Common cure is protected there is bath of apply of apply heat, ice, Wenshui to wait in the job, also having a kind of method also is relatively general, it is massage is aided antifebrile, but the knows acupuncture point way area with in that way method appropriate need, if not clear basin friendly Zuo is,prevent to apply in that way method to develop cure.

Have a fever massage inside close acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: Acupuncture point adding up to cereal is located in on the hand body of the body, after the five fingers closes approach, the sarcous among thumb and ring finger is highest everywhere. Left hand and right hand have way of an acupuncture point each.

Skill: With in addition the big toe of a hand shows abdomen exerts oneself to do sth. the dot is pressed inside it is OK to close acupuncture point.

Action: Applicable have a fever the fever that the cold causes asthma of calorific, cough, spread the unwell feeling disease such as snot, n&v snuffle.

Have a fever massage big vertebra acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: After big vertebra acupuncture point is located at the neck the place intermediate, of raised very big skeleton outside predestined relationship position. 南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛

Skill: The ring finger that uses a hand, medium it is OK that big toe begins exert oneself to do sth to be pressed gently to big vertebra acupuncture point.

Action: Big vertebra acupuncture point can be assisted avoid to have a fever cold, it is to be aimed at very the whole body that the cold creates gives out heat or having a fever is it is high fever was not retreated.

Have a fever massage emerge fontal acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: Emerge the sole that fontal acupuncture point is located in the body, in sunken place of the side before sole. Turn of exert oneself to do sth breaks toe, the side before sole gives the sunken point of .

Skill: Point to abdomen with big toe it is OK that to emerging fontal acupuncture point begins a dot to press. Extent it is advisable that with feeling the acid of appreciably bilges.

Action: Can assist the draw well that discharge heat, the disease such as dry of dry tongue of lack of power, n&v snuffle, mouth has the body that to having a fever the cold creates reduce practical effect.

The acupuncture point way that also has a few primary and secondary in addition can assist heal to have a fever cold, assist then antifebrile.

Have a fever massage 10 announce acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: 10 announce acupuncture point is located at the hand 10 point to a tip, be apart from fingernail mine acerbity predestined relationship 0.1 inches (point to inch of) , up and down in all 10 acupuncture point.

Skill: The fingernail put forth one’s strength that uses thumb is returned answer heavy clutch, and acid is fond of feeling dominant, to 10 announce acupuncture point aglow and calefacient. The every time between excitant total with exceeding 3 ~ 5 minutes Zuo is advisable.

Action: Rescue of much in order to of 10 announce acupuncture point, apply extensively at the high fever such as infantile convulsions of hot disease, epileptic, children. 10 announce acupuncture point has massage reduce the effect such as pins and needles of heatstroke, insensible, shock, hypertensive, finger.

Have a fever acupuncture point of massage Qu Chi is aided antifebrile

Place: Be located at the area of the terminal dent of arm vertical grain.

Skill: Be pressed in order to show abdomen is light or knock 1 ~ 3 minutes of Zuo , frequency second do not be restricted.

Action: Music pool acupuncture point is classics of small intestine of hand Yang Ming close acupuncture point, the key is had medicinal powder cold need is urticant, clear the action of dredge of hot alexipharmic detumescence, main and collateral channels. Acupuncture point of massage music pool can ache of joint of cure shoulder ancon, upper limbs breaks down, hives of hypertensive, Sheng , grippe, tonsil is phlogistic, thyroid gastroenteritis of nodal, acute.

H广州夜网 广州夜网ave a fever pool acupuncture point aids massage wind antifebrile

Place: Wind pool acupuncture point is located after cervical, hang down with ear of parallel side position hind sunken place of brim of below skull two big muscle.

Skill: Outstretched two tactics, the big toe that uses both hands shows abdomen puts wind pool acupuncture point to be in, other finger tighten the side after back cushion, exert oneself to do sth is pressed knead make wind pool acupuncture point has remarkable acid to bilge feeling is advisable.

Action: Wind pool acupuncture point can assist Xiao wind, spoken parts in an opera have a fever the cold also cries ” catch a cold ” , be aimed at by ac[……]


Those who had sent is holothurian and general boil how long

At present the three finished products of market Shanghai that are air doing completely for the most part, crucial in that way as a result of,be convenient memory, as a result of the sea three it is relatively precious feed capable person. Dry holothurian eating to want to be sent with vesicle before, does bubble open the good holothurian and general how long that boil to you just can eat? What bubble has left is holothurian it is OK to need to be heated up in water only, if we all does not set his mind at so that the word can boil more than 10 minutes more, actual kind everybody looks.

One, that Zuo sea three how long to stew?

1, if be to deliver the of great capacity that control three, the sea thre上海夜网 上海夜网e oneself are ripe, accordingly if be in Shui Zhongchao can take, if disturbed heart can boil on 5 minutes of Zuo .

2, if be Xian Hai ginseng, want to boil a hour in caldron commonly, stew is subsequently cool, ability is OK ripe. Or it is oil explodes, can take instantly, but taste is relatively good fragile, japanese people is eaten raw, the question is not accordingly big also. But maintain the of great capacity certainly of three fresh d西安夜网 西安夜网egree.

3, what if be,had not sent is dry holothurian or it is saline be soiled holothurian, general need boils 40 minutes, stew is subsequently cool. Reappearance is made, water hair became good it is good that with respect to according to the first kind of holothurian practice is solved.

2, holothurian how epispastic

1, clean: ? ? of Qiu of  of alliance of  of 2 Wo blown away by wind divides  Shan Zuo , dust of scour off surface layer.

2, the: that invade bubble? ? of children’s hair of terpene of meat and fish dishes of  of  of  of eminent of arch of Gu of  of every Jian  is put into freezer safe bubble 48 hour, daily early in change water late each, until the sea three bubble are soft. So that,this one pace is the sea three bubble are soft, can solve ministry.

3, open chamber to defeat abdomen: ? Carbuncle of  of H of vasting dusk of Huan of the  of Hou of enzymatic cutout bad collect that chant in all? of bridle of thirsty  buffalo gnat can feel the sea to have thing of a few ivory little hard grain three with the hand (alias sea three teeth) , the sea three teeth dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed comes down the thing that; still can see the sea has a few ivory alvine path state inside three antrum, add less than wall, it is holothurian muscle, eatable, have nutrient part very much, can use shears delimits holothurian muscle every cut 3 paragraphs two, can make the sea of three hair bigger. Clear slightly the sea after three skin and nephridium, the mineral water in placing freezer safe again invades bubble 24 hour fluctuate, period inside aquarium changes water 1 times.

4, the: that boil?  of sulphone Jian  holds? of  of crystal clear of artful celestial being of lax of  aing kind of sweet grass to boil 40-60 with small fire minute, boil can the of great capacity three gently clutch are shown. Each sea three detailed situations are different, often should watch check, exert oneself to do sth. clutch clutch joins body to have very much extend a gender, did not have hard core. Also can use the Bao of soup of electric meal Bao that takes the effect that boil congee, hit into the archives that boil congee, bao a hour, did not boil a word good again again Bao. Those who had boiled is holothurian should scoop up at any time and place.

5, the: that invade bubble? 2 Wei hammer blows dusk of Mei of Mie thing gate of a lane? of show off hesitating invades bubble 3 days to fluctuate again with mineral water in freezer safe (inside had better be the place that add ice, those who had boiled is holothurian bubble is invaded in scooping up cold water, can make fleshy quality of a material more Q plays) , every 12 hour change water. This period thalassic the amplification with the can wonderful cubage of three a lot of. Three flesh have the of great capacity very much more and more extend a gender, freeze like skin or be the about of bovine tendons of beef very, with the chopstick the both sides since clip slackens of course. If very slippery not quite good clip can hold tight of great capacity forcibly,the left and right sides shakes among three human body, the sea the both sides of three is to have the rock that extends a gender very much, in that way sea three leave with respect to bubble obtain successful) .



How is be perturbed angst solved

There are a lot of people to be able to give to have the state of be perturbed angst in life daily life of everybody, cause the reason that has this kind of state very much, because daily life pressure became great,be likely cause then, because everybody is too excessive,be likely completist, also be possible be to self-abased feeling is caused then. Should need everybody to be able to take a seriously to this kind of state and the significant step with be adopted certain will solve, below comes detailed solves be perturbed angst how to should do.

The person of sort of what kind of causes disease of be perturbed angst very easily:

1, seek perfect be perfect in every way because this kind of person sets each thing that oneself place does appropriate, because this puts all energy to the thing, will tell from another perspective, have already stronger exclusive desire, the palm accuses desire, often say on clinical medicine these people have press tendency.

2, too go after perfect and ideal person to be when unfinished of a few things too, can create very clear angst mood sense, feel the whole body is not quite right, accordingly, no matter be below all states, he be sure to the thing finishs now now, when once encounter what,the thing cannot be done immediately, meet angst is disturbed very. When if handles affairs together with other, others is not done according to his standard word, he also can feel feel uneasy. This kind of person suffers from angst obstacle more easily normally.

3, the regular meeting of classics of this kind of person that has not self-confident tendency appears apparent devoid safety feels, eloquence of characteristic of the appearance that some people believe oneself, human body, speech, smal南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛l expression, at ordinary times be not a patch on of everywhere of circumstance of achievement, fitness person, because believe thoroughly down to,this kind of consciousness can not shake, when often be together with other, this kind of thought flocks and go out, make its do not have a law to release pressure to be communicated with other communicate and get along, be not a patch on of everywhere of total feeling oneself person. Some people are when the eye shot that feels to be cast to other, the muscle of facial ministry is met immediately muscle removes stiff, mouth piece do not leave, and even also can produce even pharynx and larynx jam feeling. Too over- not self-confident normally easy development trend is gregarious angst block up.

4, overmuch attention oneself, arrive to be angst mood finally with respect to can possible change. These people can be a management center with oneself commonly, appear to care the condition of health of body and mind of oneself unusually, give when human body all distinctive when, they basically can be behaved for very unwell feeling, final evolution is more serious angst obstacle.

How does the patient answer disease of be perturbed angst:

1, want confidence. Below the situation that produces when the symptom of angst, oneself can be informed in what mentation face relapses ” I can ” ” also do not have a problem ” , make oneself OK be certain in mentation face oneself working ability, also can give you in that way gradually a few disease of cleared angst mood, make human body is certain angst mood already before.

2, want optimistic. The state of angst disease basically is the patient is deficient in confidence, because this should produce the circumstance of angst disease to fall, why to envisage oneself before great success, or be it is to envisage oneself these gain a success what do, let oneself maintaining cheerful mood, in that way also with respect to can rapid settlement angst mood and move restlessly disturbed state of mind, can build the state of reply heart quickly.

3, want nutrient part. Maintain eat delicate food, nutrition is balanced; for example we should be in burning hot a few pure and fresh things eat to fall in phlogistic day next fire, can drink some of gram congee more commonly this kind, return additionally can body platoon is poisonous. Can begin game of a few outdoors activities in addition, the roam about that makes the sebaceous glands of oneself carefree goes out, use the shower bath with warm smooth and steady boiled water上海夜生活论坛 上海夜生活论坛 one time subsequently, it is to think the mood is uncomfortable also be no good.

4, want to resemble. Spoken parts in an opera imagination, it is to point to the beach that lets imagine oneself lies in in relief bright fawn on to go up, have cool and refreshing late wind slowly blow, can hear the voice of the sea, the body obtains the heart that can let oneself in that way to release pressure certainly, can give the actual result that shows unexpected probably, this also is the good method that prevents angst disease.

Release pressure method:

1, relaxation method, angst disease can make a person lie feel nervous, muscle insecurity, the body quiver[……]


The stomach-ache on meal wheeler

The person that has a lot of arrives can go out to have after eating a meal immediately the state of gastralgia, cause the reason that has this kind of state very much, because goes out in everybody’s stomach,be likely disease, for example gastric ulcer, stomach trouble or be it is have dinner eat too maintained caused indigestion. Everybody needs to be able to take seriously especially after the body produces to have this kind of state, want to master its reason to be treated to disease next, below comes detailed is solved after eating a meal immediately gastralgia is what reason.

Have dinner hind gives the ache in stomach namely, need considers is to have gastric ulcer. The diagnose of gastric ulcer is to need to do gastroscope to check, gastric ulcer is a kind of diges南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发tibility ulcer, its ache issueing an abdomen has the character of periodic, regularity, regularity, it is after eat ministry of stomach giving aches commonly. Do gastroscope to check diagnose those who have gastric ulcer, need active and active cure. Pylorus helix bacili is affected, need cure of bacili of helix of pylorus of dig up the roots, add delay of pump of a kind of proton to get together with 2 kinds of antibiotic namely agent, cure all around hind further consultation with a doctor. Dig up the roots of pylorus helix bacili, gastric ulcer symptom can have turned.

Answer on common food collocation advertent, need not gluttonize crapulence, a day of 3 eat, time executive ration is analysed, dietary collocation regularity, eat alimental of hot food, excitant, raw or cold food less to feed capable person, eat the vegetable fruit of new Zuo , fresh fruit more, do not eat decoct blast food, eat sweet food less, modest body building, the attention rests.

If often can give to have the state of meal stomach-ache, it is us likely very each eat meal has too maintained. Some people may be in the dietary collocation before not advertent, each eat meal has very fully, this is in with respect to the stomach that causes us gradually be maintained, in the dietary collocation later, if appreciably eats a bit less, the likelihood feels the meeting is hungry, because this is met persistently eat. Actually it is one kind has very by accident dietary structure, this kind must be corrected chronically, and be below the circumstance of have dinner need not drink overmuch Shang Cai as far as possible, the taste that gives us very easily into actuating pressure, make we can have feeling of a kind of full abdomen all the time, the condition that causes gastralgia very easily also gives . Because this is small companionate people must write down prison, each eat meal has 7 minutes full OK, need not eat too maintain, can elevate our stomach actuating pressure in that way, cause indigestion then, cause gastralgia.

If,had eaten a meal often gastralgia, also be possible be what eat as a result of us is too hot, or be too excitant, a lot of basin friend like those who have taste of a few heavy Piao to feed capable person, for example chaffy dish, string string sweet, bake string, this kind is fed a lot of day day any of several hot spice plants are contained in material, some people love to have chili very much, because this eats the circumstance of chaffy dish to fall must very hot, also have string string sweet, want not only very busy, also want very hot, the gastric department that creates us very easily in that way is unwell, if often eat, very easy excitant our gastric mucous membrane, the condition that causes gastralgia then gives ; and be aimed at bake string, because be the thing that smoke of all previous classics has aed kind of sweet grass, there are a lot of compounds insid南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所e, because this overfeeding gets a word, also can cause gastric ministry unwell, because have chaffy dish,having very much basin friend is those who eat is overmuch, and rather than often causes gastroenteritis easily, accordingly must advertent, avoid to eat as far as possible.

Stomach trouble hard heal, want basically to rely on to raise, in common dietary collocation, ought to choose the dietary collocation with weak taste as far as possible, eat the fruit of a few new Zuo and vegetable more, have a few fat feeling less feed capable person, also be to want to eat what a few hot food stimulate less to feed capable person, the stomach that can promote us in that way is laden, not only stodgy absorb, cause a lot of gastric juice likely also, cause us to give the state of gastralgia all the time then. Each eat meal needs to eat 7 minutes only full OK, need not drink overmuch nourishing boiling water as far as possible below the circumstance of have dinner, can elevate us gastric actuating pressure in that way, if of gastralgia very more serious, we ought to be begun to hospital outpatient service instantly check, search often the reason of stomach-ache, assure to treat cure to disease.



Mental sex angst

Mental sex angst is a kind of state that current a lot of people give very easily, give to this kind of state is put in the light of the body have have very much side effect, for example feel or depressed disease, spirit depresses mentation is dispute it is not OK to often allow easy be perturbed to reach its static next hearts go settling a few things these. Should need everybody to remove alertly to mental sex angst and use a few countermeasure to come instantly cure, below comes detailed solves mental sex angst how to should be treated.

The oneself that mental angst disease treats eases a way (abound)

The spirit of long-term sex excitant or the actuating pressure that is long-term sex is one of crucial causes that cause mental anxiety. When mental angst disease is treated, also be former to this kind use measurable remedial method consequently. Natural, in the whole process that admits cure of disease of angst of clinical medicine spirit, patient young associate people OK still the countermeasure that reduces to because use a few oneself,sending cause of disease, drive clinical cure then.

Under particular way:

1. promotes confidence. Confidence is the necessary premise condition of mood of angst of heal spirit sex. A few pairs of oneself do not have confident person, the working ability that undertake to oneself and answers an issue suspiciouses, possibility of exaggerate oneself unsuccessful, then uneasiness of angst, angst and fear. Consequently, as the patient of disease of angst of sex of a spirit, you be sure to most first confidence, reduce self-abased psychology. Ought to be certain oneself every promote confidence, angst mood level can decrease a bit, repair reply heart, drive finally namely angst mood.

2. oneself is lax. Go with emergence is being placed in angst uneasiness state of mind namely. For example: ? Mei of courtyard of crotch of  of imperial mandate of quarrel extensive pain or numbness caused by cold mires pure You? g南京南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所水磨会所 南京水磨会所oes envisaging the risk setting of a lot of likelihood, let weaker setting most give first. Give repeatedly, you can remember all risk setting gradually or whole whole process already did not experience angst mood. Calculate at this moment stop.

3. ego thinks over. Because the patient is a few righter,mood of angst of sex of a few spirit is state of mind is experienced or impulse develops depressive sense, depressive in feeling casual, come, but it did not have subsidise, still ambuscade in Yu Qian consciousness, caused a symptom consequently. You understand anguish angst sentiment only when ill hair, and because of,do not know its. Fall in this kind of state consequently, you are sure to begin ego to think over, in subconscious in in the thing that causes pain is recounted come out. When necessary can drain, the disease after drain is common but subsidise.

4. ego is exciting. After disease of patient of angst emotionality neurosis is sent, in the head distracted all the time, uneasy, scratch one’s head over, anguish appears unusual. At this moment, the patient can choose ego to spur a law, the dedicated force of migratory oneself. If be in distracted when, the can absorbing book that seeks an interest is read, or from industry worry disturbed physical strength lives, forget the thing of anguish. Can avoid distracted give somebody a new lease on life to become other symptom in that way, also can raise your comfortable stress additionally.



Lymphocyte depart fluid

The net knits red blood cell to be aimed at everybody is very main body cell organization itself, if be to give problem to be able to cause sundry disease, this is to be able to appear to the human body of oneself very big impact, after feeling oneself body is unwell the patient ought to want to do a net to knit depart of red blood cell to come out to the hospital instantly of fluid check, if check data to show,be unusual situation ought to want to do check further, give the state of whooping cough in case.

Everything consults normally section [woman of 1] (man all can use) :

The net knits per cent of red blood cell (Lymph%)20-40% , the net knits square root of red blood cell (10^9 of Lymph#)1.1-3.2 tooth week

Rise: Monocyte increases sex of whooping cough, infection net of sex of infection of infection of disease, virus, subacute infection knits red blood cell to increase disease, net to knit septicemia of sex of red blood cell;

Decrease: Immune blemish, radiative disease.

The immunity of this kind of particularity that T lymphocyte creates reacts, call force of immunity of body cell sex.

Mirrorring se南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛xual net to knit red blood cell is a kind of sort, the dimension of promotion, because exposed to the open air,the net of the antigen body inside human body knits red blood cell. The system of human body immunity that the net knits red blood cell is a kind of phyletic white red blood cell causes. Of cell of this kind of body put because infection of a virus is basic disease,having is normally. They still can arise in a few medicines and chemical reagents, vaccine is vaccinal, or the change with hormonal male.

Of the white red blood cell that the system of human body immunity that reflects sexual net to knit red blood cell causes a variety of. Every phyletic body cell is to have special effect, safeguard the body to spare antigen body. Destroy power system cell of course, t body cell and B body cell are white red blood cell, make the way西安夜网 西安夜网 in the work that defends airframe. When be being stimulated by antigen, cells of all this kind of body can grow 3 times of all their normal size. This kind of growth feels to mirror sexual net to knit the body cell of red blood cell.

Virus sex disease is one of the commonnest causes that promotion mirrors sexual net to knit red blood cell. When virus infection inbreaks, be like third liver or nettle rash virus, system of human body immunity make opposite report, push send a net to knit red blood cell, cause a harm in order to prevent virus to the body. What affect in virus is excitant below, the net knits the dilate of operation of red blood cell, basically resemble feel distended. In the light of a few people character, infection can cause same virus to be mirrorred repeatedly, but right other all virus affect invade may create this kind of report.

Lymph node section because the state that hyperplasia of cell of department put oneself in another’s position or tumor body cell invade embellish and cubage enlarges. The clinical symptom with clinical general medicine. Can go up according to mandible of lay a finger on, cervical, clavicle nest, alar with the abdomen wait for the position and detect, but section criterion should rely on the body tumid lymph node such as lung, mediastinum, peritonaeum hind and mesentery X ray, CT and B of superior grade just can detect.