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Shallow talk about Neimaer: Prove oneself Edition advocate leave a messageOkiet2(2018-5-6 17:05) : This content is in blame achieve formerly, the original poster is tagged achieve formerly, warn, will buckle cent next time. Can correct for information kind, fill neat picture, just can stick by the theme examine and approve give encourage. Logion (2018-5-6 22:23) : Edition compasses is read carefully please before hair post! Choice [information] hair post label releases a text, the person that label chooses a mistake buckles post of cutout of 5 gold coinTurn post kind information theme prohibits releasing simple character news, must accessary not the picture under 5 pieces, deny uniform buckle post of cutout of 5 gold coinThe theme needs to indicate picture amount [XXP] , one sky stays to go between graph and graph, caption format: Name [XxP] , p must great, need Zuo is used [] , cannot use [] During shortly will greet otherworldly bound cup, we will roll out first gear each are big all previous world cup reviews the star and the expectation of the brigade of current Russia, act according to this those who go up is Neimaer. To Neimaer, lead Brazilian nation after abstruse team wins next Olympic Games gold, the motherland that has helped oneself finished the vole of football field. Can help him move toward current world football truly nevertheless of throne of the first person, still be world cup champion as before. Leading Parisian fiesta side after Luo Shi of graceful challenge C is defeated, neimaer is longing to be in the Russia 2018, prove oneself afresh. [2014 Brazilian world cup: Heavy burden of 22 years old of bear, one person cent acts the role of two horn to be defeated by injury however]A. Should answer already remove holding to organize, want to pound forbidden zone without the ball again To the Brazilian team at that time, a bigger contradiction depends on, the position of sinister way gave Huerke and not be Neimaer. The right way niche that Neimaer does not like so in him, the purpose still completes more conversion with Oscar. , “The waist before modernization ” Oscar, his ability that grab a ball slants weak, and be in in actor also is not taken on road antagonism. Because this is in actual combat, after Neimaerhui goes grabbing a ball to right way, have the process of a conversion with Oscar. Help edge come to sb’s aid through Oscar, neimaer is strong dash forward mate defense line. Even Neimaer is answered remove more the Zun Lu position after leaning, since central line the organization is advanced and aggression is initiated. In another respect, hu Erke is in the attack aspect that Zun Lu is a breakthrough having a ball. But of Huerke consciousness is inserted before having a ball not outstanding, this makes inside forbidden zone if have fred of a forward only, often can appear solitary. Accordingly, neimaer is assumed even case forbidden zone reinforce is inserted to grow before having a ball pass, perhaps make trouble mate defense line stands the job. 2014 the place of the world cup child on show, neimaer lags behind in team 0-1 below Keluodeya’s circumstance, spend help team to finish changeover with a Mei Kaier. Break even the crucial goal of score, it is Neimaer come relatively one therein the position of the road, get teammate subsequently after passing a ball, he carries a ball quickly forward, finish one foot beautifully long shot, help team breaks even score. Neimaer’s world cup is in child ball, following Mei Xi is euqally go against with oneself sufficient finish. In the match, the attack line of Brazilian team still has a problem, namely besides Neimaer, someone else does not have clear speed advantage actually. Hu Erke is opposite relatively stick a ball, prefer rubber ball to issue open attack in his foot. The fred worry because of injury and age ageing, more can rely on consciousness and smell to browbeat only at that time adversary. Accordingly Neimaer is in a lot of moment, need is trying to use his spark and wallop, give teammate the space of a few get sth others ignored. This Neimaer of the field after reinforce long pass, reduce Chile line directly finish inside forbidden zone outstanding, he is attracting 3 to defend picked rubber ball below the person’s circumstance, regrettablly the chance that the fred of follow-up faces such gold, however one foot hits rubber ball flew. B. Kill tight encirclement time and again, frequent experience foulsAttack of Sunday run ground and high speed ground pound forbidden zone, these still are not most heavy burdens. In another respect, neimaer is advancing a process in, still meet what encounter adversary easily foul, this is the place that that Brazil team becomes very poorly at that time. With at present Baoliniaoding gives a space, rangneimaer more ” safe ” the ground passes photograph comparing, the match environment that Brazilian team offers Neimaer at that time is relatively abominable. This Neimaer is in Aerweisi’s back the position grabs a ball, below the circumstance that attacks failure in teammate first time, neimaer assumes the responsibility that has assault 2 times. Because the both wings of Brazilian team atttacks the effect at that time

not beautiful (Oscar pulls edge more is to pass a ball, hu Erke is outstanding efficiency is very low) , because this adversary often is met,the road in concentration defends. Neimaer needs to try to pound a crowd ceaselessly, subsequently experience fouls. In watch this game to battle Chile again, after Neimaer is wrapped to place by two people, be laid to be in the ground by adversary. Team lacks the protective act to Neimaer, this brought about follow-up tragedy. [the moment of truth, neimaer never makes a person disappointed on the contest]To Neimaer, when he is entering a contest on behalf of national group, always can show those who give wonderful cacique temperament and zero hour to exceed fight by force control capacity. On the federation cup Spring 2013, neimaer of 21 years old leads Brazilian 3-0 to be over got the better of Spain to ascend champion to get award platform. Neimaer is in altogether in 5 match, dedicated 4 balls 2 secondary attack, attack clout Feng, Kaxiliyasi early or late of two macrocosm class door-god 10 poin

t to close, take only field MVP below 4 times early or late (3 groups contest and final final) , was without controversy ground to become winner of award of match gold ball. Pi Kegong brand is made in finals especially, and achieve a goal, let a person internally Ma Er’s future is full of expect. The world cup competition ground after 1 year, place child beautiful Mei Kaibang aids Brazilian 2-1 changeover to overcome Luodeya. 16 strong fight are right blast later successive 3 years finals midpoint ball kills Argentina and Portuguese Chilean. The circumstance that in Chile team core Sangqiesi punishs the ball that lose a point issues Neimaer, very sober ground infiltrates Brazilian team the 5th annulus second dot ball, successful help team eliminates rival, below promotion one round. On the Olympic Games Spring 2016, the group surpasses grain not to have the Neimaer that close, erupted in knockout breathtaking energy. He is in 3 knockout, altogether finished 4 goals and 3 secondary attack. Especially in the competition that finals faces Germany, direct free kick of Neimaer notchs, help team obtain for a time banner. Even if was chased after to make the same score score by adversary, although Neimaer is passed 2 times to short-hilted broadsword ball of Anderson continuously,be wasted by teammate. But final Brazilian still is nodding ball big fight to win victory, the just of the last ball in punishing is Neimaer. He took a team to make the champion that Brazilian football yearns for most, realized the vole of Brazilian football at this point. [2018 Russia world cup looks into: All gets more mature Neimaer more powerful Brazil group]Time of 4 years went, in these 4 years Neimaer is in all the time grow ceaselessly. In the race of world preliminary contest with Brazilian nation current group, ma Er contributes 6 balls of 14 match inside the perfect exam paper of 9 secondary attack. Join in in this sports season additionally after Paris, before he gets hurt, neimaer in team each match dedicates 30 matches 19 times the Jing number of secondary attack occupies 28 balls. Can say, at present is Neimaer’s best days. More important is, there was great progress 4 years when actual strength of whole of Brazilian nation group also compares ago. From a lot of respects for, the Brazilian team of at present is very appropriate Neimaer’s play. Contrast the battle array 4 years ago, we can see the most apparent change is Neimaer goes to what like most to him slanting different position. The territory that subsequently an important place heats up Su Si’s characteristic to depend on him namely is very old, pass those who heat up Su Si to answer remove the space that before giving Neimaer, inserts. Additional explicit Neimaer not before below the condition that insert, it is certain that Resusi also can give Neimaer covering, make him OK obtain the better space that grab a ball. Meanwhile, the Baoliniao that before center position can appear, inserts, continue to assure the suppress to adversary halfback, and the advantage that produces a Neimaer to pass ball opportunity palm to control capacity. Kudiniao is team advances a point besides another besides Neimaer, come so Neimaer also won’t reappear is advanced 4 years ago, organization and the awkwardness that pound forbidden zone take everything into one’s own hands. Defending upright, hold opposite sideslip in the palm through abstruse Gu Si, kudiniao is answered remove become 4 in fall. Neimaer and Resusi are OK advanced field grabs on the spot instead, and two people are having very rapid rate, can start at any time strike back. Once appear opportunity, as the top before those who protect Liniao is strong, brazilian team notchs 3 times the strongest the dot can reach the designated position quickly. On certain level for, neimaer is in the Brazil of at present, more resembling is an organizer, an aggression starts core. The number one of team notchs dot, more resembling is Baoliniao, not be Resusi even. To Neimaer, at present is very eventful affection can be solved through passing a ball, also get hurt with respect to what reduced breakthrough and take by storm to bring likelihood. Baoliniao’s action is him can inside Ma Er, Resusi centers a side to attract relatively defend below the circumstance of attention, the abruptly that finish is cruel the impact that has standoff department. Get what wave of one foot world finishs directly after the ball this to explode shoot, in the national group game that such attack kind goes more than one year in Baoliniao, not scarce. In another respect, because Resusi has capacity of very strong ball of straight a place of strategic importance. He is answered after removing can switch before lumbar part, rangneimaerdi becomes forward for a short while. This also is advantage of Neimaer, he is in have ball and without the ball between switch, achieve the strongest rhythm change result. In the match of Argentina of Brazilian 3-0 cause sb’s death by maltreating him, this reinforce goes to Neimaer ball of straight a place of strategic importance, the rate that cuts from flank is very rapid, argentina defends the rate that the person does not follow Neimaer. Means of such a kind of goal, to Neimaer also be more relaxed and efficient. [piece end language] : Fall in such circumstance just about, we have reason to believe, this summer can be the hour that Neimaer makes summit of him football summit. Of course, the Ma Er inside at present needs to do above all still go from inside injury. Make the state with out best body only, ability is possible paperbacked actual strength, thoroughly play comes out. Thoroughly play comes out.. 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