Paul is entered eventually on the west definitely

Paul is entered eventually on the west definitelyCongratulation Paul, eventually push forward on the west definitely! 13 years await, be in eventually this different sports season, realized the long-cherished wish that come 13 years! To Paul, true not easy, journey of 13 years, change now brilliant, to player of a profession, 13 years, mean professional career to had entered last phase, but can be in 13 years when reach a brilliant height, I think, in current alliance, besides Zhanmusi, also have Paul only. Because be the same as Zhanmusi same, the evening of career of can on-the-job course of study still can maintain Paul so tall form, it is really very not easy. From in former days wasp team begins, paul filled the stomach of strive for victory, desire of this kind of strive for victory, not at all Bikebi is low, but the ball city of the integral actual strength as a result of team and new orleans is stagnant, paul is in from beginning to end wasp is depressed must not annals. Flounder arrives team of los angeles flier, this thinking having small Jordan and Griffin such already gifted the assistant that has fitness again is beside, the team of Paul can make a contribution somewhat, but accept tired Yuxibulie’s strong impact, and the state of teammate 100 condition, paul also fails to come true in flier from beginning to end oneself on the west definitely dream. Can saying is person of outstanding ability of day be jealous of, god also makes the difficulty on the road that Paul surpasses after season heavy. Eventually, come to the rocket, come to this team with stronger endowment, here, paul just had his reliable assistant truly, zhanmusihadeng, ka Peila, gordon, it is the assistant with the most capable Paul, so, of follow a rational line to do some work well, paul was beaten today with the knight line with group famous basketball, also let a rocket had crossed so much year the family of the victim in a murder case that come, imposing manner extensive grand push forward western finals

. In front a few success to the knight do not say, odd with respect to the 5th semifinal, paul is to hit really mad, actually, with a ha ascend today, gordon, what Ka Peila develops is very general, can say to still be less than even at ordinary times normal level, but be in namely this night, urgently push forward on the west definitely on the shoulder that Paul carries team in oneself. He succeeded! Half of a game or contest ends, the rocket just also precedes faintly, went to the 3rd of the match, that is the time that knight team rice cuts Er, be in this one, the knight exceeded a rocket instead instead, your rocket was immersed in again confused, but did not forget, rocket blast in still can have a CP3, yes, paul, in the 4th exceed strong performance, be born forcedly unripe dragged the rocket from the brim that suffer a defeat, finally aggression of 5 minutes, the can with true Paul says not to have solution. Full-court 41 minutes 10 secondary attack 7 backboard, compare quality of Zhan Mu Si Xun not at all, of course, more bloodcurdling is full-court of 3 minutes of balls 10 in 8, the can with such true performance weighs horror. Perhaps rice cuts the got hurt to affect a knight really result of Er, but explanation of no less than member what say, injury itself is the one part of the match, dim in the player that God also wants to let this wait 13 years is entered western finals. The match has ended, no matter the adversary from the back is Trojan, I think, paul and rocket a bit not dread, because can break through first time, can break through the 2nd times, because blast in have do anything the Paul of get victory of do one’s best! Grading records this note recentlyI am harmoniousGold coin+

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