Holand 2-0 terminative France 15 indefectible Germany demote ahead of schedule! [25P]

Holand 2-0 terminative France 15 indefectible Germany demote ahead of schedule! [25P]Beijing time on November 17 3 when 45 minutes (Holand local time 16 days 20 when 45 minutes) , group of A1 of European country league matches begins a have a contest in Lu Tedan, holand advocate 2 than 0 beat France, law of nearly 2 rounds of heart that connect defeat two strong, terminative France team is successive 15 indefectible, become first to beat this year the team of world cup champion. Weinaerdumu is successive burst open the door of game of 2 nations group. Ball of the dot before De Pei finals session in an examination scores a hit. After Holand get victory, backward this team Germany of 5 minutes already demoted ahead of schedule. France France has not v/LIT be utterly defeated since this year March, before current group is surpassed 3 battle accumulate 7 minutes, this battle is indefectible the team that can make first lock up the name that decide a head to enter finals ahead of schedule. Beca

use the injury is short of,Enzongqiding is replaced blast Bogeba, with the waist after bank spy group is geminate. Enlighten Nie replaces the Lucas that cannot come on the stage. Maxiaer and Lakazete in pairs absent, ji Lu presents as leading role sharp edge line. If get victory will achieve 6 minutes,surpass 1 Holand less, 1 sojourns finally Germany still name of hopeful contention head. Division graceful continue to use advocate a 3 hair battle arrays that compare 0 Wan Shengde countries. One begin, supply of heart admire right way passes shoot of small without the choice angle continuously, however the horizontal stroke passes Weinaerdumu, weinaerdumu is pushed shoot be attacked by Luolisi. Enlighten Nie left costal region is inclined pass, glenn thises graceful before the door top of 9 meters of place goes out play the earth to be confiscated by Xilaisen. Holand is long pass penalty area left, head of Ba Bei Er winds a point, de Pei is in left foot oblique fire to be gotten by Xi Laisen in before the door 12 meters. Holand is obtained the 44th minute banner! Holand wrong way is inclined pass, after loiter arrives, head rescue sb from a siege nods Enzongqi however, babeier is in oblique fire to be blocked to go out with the

foot by Luolisi in before the door 7 meters, weinaerdumu fills shoot a net, 1 than 0. This is him game of group of nearly 20 nations connects a burst open the door first, goal of individual nation group increases 10. First half France is shot 1 times only, the ball is touched to count most Matuyidi to also have 34 times only inside the team, have Holand group only Fulunji – heart look (68) half. Second half, left Lu Chuanzhong of cloth forest heart, dot of Deng Fu Reese hind is apart from a head of 6 meters of department to be attacked by Luolisi, then small angle fills shoot be blocked to give a bottom line by foot of the Si Shen in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces again. Xisuoke comes on the stage with the Lai that ascend shellfish, change discontinue graph Edie and Ji Lu. De Pei is in in before the door 22 meters advocate punish free kick low shoot be sealed to give right doorpost by Luolisi. Because Bei Erhe Wei breaks a ball to be passed continuously, de Pei is irruptive forbidden zone is left shoot is extended by Luolisi again the foot blocks a close part. Endongbeilai changes Enzongqi; Holand changes Puluomeisi, Weiliena, A Ke. Fulunji – shoot of forward position of heart look reserve is held in the palm personally by the Si Fei in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. The 5th minute of lock surpasses the level when Holand fills surely bureau, fulunji – be laid by Xisuoke inside heart look forbidden zone, dot ball! De Peicao knife hits small ladle to join a network, 2 than 0. Holand (4-3-3) : 1- Xi Laisen / 2- Deng Fu Reese, conspicuous of 3- heart benefit is special, 4- Vandyke, heart of 5- cloth forest / 6- De Luen, 8- Weinaerdumu (89′ dimension lists accept) , 7- Fulunji – heart look / Er of 11- Ba Bei () of 90+2′ A Ke, wei of conspicuous of 9- shellfish Er because (86′ ) of general collect Mei Si, 10- De PeiFrance (4-2-3-1) : 1- Luo Lisi / 2- handkerchief made of baked clay Er, 4- Walanei, 3- Jin Pengbei, 12- enlighten Nie / 15- favour Zong Qi () of 81′ favour Dong Beilai, 13- bank is special / 10- Mu Ba Pei, 7- Glenn thises graceful, edie of 14- horse graph (65′ Xisuoke) / 9- Ji Lu (65′ ascends Bei Lai)Grading records this note recentlyLogionGold coin+ 30Hair post is painstaking! 2018-11-18 09:26


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