What can toothpaste do

Beautiful white toothpaste has a lot of use, most Xian Meibai toothpaste can get rid of tea dirty and coffee be soiled, can have first-rate cleared effect to scale and bilge again additionally, if be electric iron,use long, end can give the change that scorchs one kind by, that Zuo this moment can above besmear a few beautiful white toothpaste, gently swab, very simple way can get rid of the main use scope of beautiful white toothpaste is very global, and use value of application is very high also, because this beautiful white toothpaste is in,can use at brushing one’s teeth only only not only usually.

Utility beauty white toothpaste

Domestic all

1. eliminates pond porcelain some tea be soiled and coffee floodwater on low-lying land take in the cup, can clean repeatedly after beautiful on cup lumen besmear white toothpaste, can be like brightly a little while see first.

Bibcock of 2. tap water lower part stays very easily have scale and dirt, beautiful white toothpaste is begun on besmear clean, can keep clear of quickly clean.

3. swabs stainless steel with toothpaste board the surface layer of container, can make its are like new mouth brightly.

4. electric iron is used long, can stay in end end have rust of a burnt, can wipe in the end end electric iron on a few beautiful white toothpaste, swab gently, OK purify.

5. silver is acted the role of long buy need not, surface layer can give the air oxidation layer of a grey black, if use toothpaste to begin,swab, OK more and more silvery white is bright.

6.The rearview mirror time of hand report grows blacken, touch graze of a few beautiful white toothpaste with fine Shabu, can make its are like new mouth brightly.

7.But eliminate wrist expresses surface layer scratch. Brush surface layer of the watch that wipe wrist with a few beautiful white toothpaste, swab repeatedly with thin cloth, OK will subtle delimit grain purify.

8.Go on chest lens besmirch. Can wipe bit of beautiful white toothpaste to swab with velvet cloth, besmirch is divided namely.

9.With toothpaste paster picture, already firm do not destroy metope again. If want to be taken out, uncover gently, can take easily.

10.When writing pen word, like clerical error the word wipes dot beauty white toothpaste, brush clean.

11.In the home if have piquant children, can not be in alertly a bit sofa of blanket, metope, cloth art or doodle of art of door Bian Yi, sight of be a hindrance to. The great majority that uses because of children is watercolors, this kind of tonal component great majority is candle or vegetable oil. Consequently, if use wet towel Taoist sacrificial ceremony to nod beautiful white toothpaste to swab, can eliminate artistic doodle.

12.Dirty kitchen the top of a kitchen range is made outside boiler of the excessive outside when burning the thing that boil, taking care to always be met, can be towel dip at that time in boiled water, swing dry back shroud to be on the anxious dirty of kitchen hearth, let it cover tightly a little while, before long besmirch can come on molten float. After, if use polyester fibber to wash 上海水磨会所

bowl cloth to dip in,exert oneself to do sth of beautiful white toothpaste is brushed except besmirch, wipe up of reused wool towel is OK.

13.Can divide corrupt. Touch beautiful white toothpaste with clean dry Baobu, swab a bag, can divide corrupt.

There is litter above 14. wall, it is OK to wipe on a few beautiful white toothpastes cover, moulage of not easy put apart.

15. washs ivory boots with ivory beautiful white toothpaste, can avoid ivory shoe hair to fizzle out. Advertent beautiful white toothpaste need not stay to boots too long-term.

Clear the dress and fresh fruit

1. dress trousers is infected with animal and plant smeary, squeeze some of beautiful white toothpaste to besmear above, graze a few, reoccupy cold water is washed, smeary can eliminate clean.

When 2. brushs a shoe, a few beauty white toothpaste and swab in leather shoes oil, dermal leather shoes is brighter.

3. clears after the fish, the metropolis in the hand stays have cannot the fishy of eliminate, wash the hand with toilet soap first, wipe again on beautiful white toothpaste relapses rub is brushed, the fishy after be being cleaned with cold water leaves with respect to very easy purify.

4.When eating a grape, take shears to cut a the base of a fruit first one part, make its save detailed grain content, approach the sal西安夜网

t water that bubble diluent crosses, achieve the actual result of disappear bacterium, those who clean clean is red carry surface layer to return remains a white film, can squeeze some of beautiful white toothpaste, red carry set palmar heart, add knead gently, after super-cooling water, make red carry complete whiteness immaculate, eat a more Shu Xin!

5.On the dress grind if Ji is not big, can relapse with beautiful white toothpaste rub is kneaded, cold water is cleaned, OK purify.