Take the disadvantage of birth control annulus

In sexual life of husband and wife, what we all pays close attention to more usually is the problem of contraceptive measure, the harm that was pregnant to do abortion to be aimed at feminine uterus accidentally is very big, not only possible meeting causes miscarriage, and possible also meeting causes disease of other department of gynaecology, the body and mind that affects a lady badlier is healthy, but use contraceptive in what can choose for we all usually measure also is a lot of, resemble going up birth control annulus is a very general kind of contraceptive measure, but head the branch that contraceptive annulus contraceptive measure is good part and malpractice.

What does the corrupt practice that heads contraceptive annulus have?

Buy is put or be to get off the cure of uterine antrum operation such as contraceptive annulus, cause inflammation possibly, for example pelvic infection, but we all is beardless and excessive anxious, because cu广州夜网

re of life of the husband and wife before the operation, operation disinfects antiseptic and lax exacting,the generation key Zuo of inflammation is, or it is the suitable scope before the operation chooses not to be pooh-poohed, reproductive system can have inflammation formerly, the subacute that through the operation cure is affected and causes comes on external diffusion, and南漳微信小程序开发

even operation of lens of the antrum that make a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale causes inflammation possibly also.

What person is unfavorable buy puts contraceptive annulus

1, endometritis patient, birth control annulus goes up again after the person that if need really,take ring wants to be retreated in inflammation disappear.

2, paunch is postpartum and insufficient large half an year person, ring is taken again after needing Gong Xiufu waiting for lonely.

3, the lady between lactation is unfavorable also. Because the feminine uterus between lactation is too soft, the probe when taking ring passes through the film inside the uterus very easily, birth control annulus goes up again after consequently the lady between lactation answers to be as far as possible between lactation.

4, patient of sexual organs tumour.

5, menstruation maladjusted or it is period overmuch person all should not be take ring.

Need is advertent is, the fitness because of each person and uterine volume are not light same, consequently, want to take the woman of contraceptive annulus, must check to normal hospital before taking ring, looking is appropriate go up birth control annulus and its are appropriate which kinds of phyletic contraceptive annulus, choose the contraceptive annulus of palace of appropriate oneself lonely again subsequently. Otherwise, do not rise to go up not only the practical effect of contraceptive measure, and because was pregnant accidentally,be met generate needless worry for oneself.

Contraceptive annulus sort where home is good

Use contraceptive nowadays annulus has a lot of kinds of diversity in made raw material, contain cupreous volume or annulus of the birth control that contain drug for instance, tie-in raw material remembers alloy to wait for polyethylene of plastic, high pressure, appearance. And outer body level also is various, form of annular, T, V form, Y form and transmission chain certificate wait. Actually, different lady has different fitness, having which kind of link is OK 100% can use each person, it is to have after the annulus on each female reflect differently, case of the lonely palace form that wants basis oneself, dimension comes contraceptive annulus of decision-making what kind of is appropriate oneself, not be to had jumped over more expensive contraceptive annulus certain and appropriate oneself, buy puts contraceptive annulus to ought to consult a doctor.