Allay a fever presses what place

The state that human body gives to have a fever is each basin friend actually had experienced, longitudinal has a fever to do well actually concerned cure protects the job in possible. Common cure is protected there is bath of apply of apply heat, ice, Wenshui to wait in the job, also having a kind of method also is relatively general, it is massage is aided antifebrile, but the knows acupuncture point way area with in that way method appropriate need, if not clear basin friendly Zuo is,prevent to apply in that way method to develop cure.

Have a fever massage inside close acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: Acupuncture point adding up to cereal is located in on the hand body of the body, after the five fingers closes approach, the sarcous among thumb and ring finger is highest everywhere. Left hand and right hand have way of an acupuncture point each.

Skill: With in addition the big toe of a hand shows abdomen exerts oneself to do sth. the dot is pressed inside it is OK to close acupuncture point.

Action: Applicable have a fever the fever that the cold causes asthma of calorific, cough, spread the unwell feeling disease such as snot, n&v snuffle.

Have a fever massage big vertebra acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: After big vertebra acupuncture point is located at the neck the place intermediate, of raised very big skeleton outside predestined relationship position. 南京夜网论坛


Skill: The ring finger that uses a hand, medium it is OK that big toe begins exert oneself to do sth to be pressed gently to big vertebra acupuncture point.

Action: Big vertebra acupuncture point can be assisted avoid to have a fever cold, it is to be aimed at very the whole body that the cold creates gives out heat or having a fever is it is high fever was not retreated.

Have a fever massage emerge fontal acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: Emerge the sole that fontal acupuncture point is located in the body, in sunken place of the side before sole. Turn of exert oneself to do sth breaks toe, the side before sole gives the sunken point of .

Skill: Point to abdomen with big toe it is OK that to emerging fontal acupuncture point begins a dot to press. Extent it is advisable that with feeling the acid of appreciably bilges.

Action: Can assist the draw well that discharge heat, the disease such as dry of dry tongue of lack of power, n&v snuffle, mouth has the body that to having a fever the cold creates reduce practical effect.

The acupuncture point way that also has a few primary and secondary in addition can assist heal to have a fever cold, assist then antifebrile.

Have a fever massage 10 announce acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: 10 announce acupuncture point is located at the hand 10 point to a tip, be apart from fingernail mine acerbity predestined relationship 0.1 inches (point to inch of) , up and down in all 10 acupuncture point.

Skill: The fingernail put forth one’s strength that uses thumb is returned answer heavy clutch, and acid is fond of feeling dominant, to 10 announce acupuncture point aglow and calefacient. The every time between excitant total with exceeding 3 ~ 5 minutes Zuo is advisable.

Action: Rescue of much in order to of 10 announce acupuncture point, apply extensively at the high fever such as infantile convulsions of hot disease, epileptic, children. 10 announce acupuncture point has massage reduce the effect such as pins and needles of heatstroke, insensible, shock, hypertensive, finger.

Have a fever acupuncture point of massage Qu Chi is aided antifebrile

Place: Be located at the area of the terminal dent of arm vertical grain.

Skill: Be pressed in order to show abdomen is light or knock 1 ~ 3 minutes of Zuo , frequency second do not be restricted.

Action: Music pool acupuncture point is classics of small intestine of hand Yang Ming close acupuncture point, the key is had medicinal powder cold need is urticant, clear the action of dredge of hot alexipharmic detumescence, main and collateral channels. Acupuncture point of massage music pool can ache of joint of cure shoulder ancon, upper limbs breaks down, hives of hypertensive, Sheng , grippe, tonsil is phlogistic, thyroid gastroenteritis of nodal, acute.


ave a fever pool acupuncture point aids massage wind antifebrile

Place: Wind pool acupuncture point is located after cervical, hang down with ear of parallel side position hind sunken place of brim of below skull two big muscle.

Skill: Outstretched two tactics, the big toe that uses both hands shows abdomen puts wind pool acupuncture point to be in, other finger tighten the side after back cushion, exert oneself to do sth is pressed knead make wind pool acupuncture point has remarkable acid to bilge feeling is advisable.

Action: Wind pool acupuncture point can assist Xiao wind, spoken parts in an opera have a fever the cold also cries ” catch a cold ” , be aimed at by acupuncture point of the pool that knead wind have a fever the cold has profit greatly.

Have a fever massage greet sweet acupuncture point is aided antifebrile

Place: The centre of a circle of nose brim is in, the node of shallow channel photograph that the two side of nose ministry and mouth below the circumstance of smile produce of course is in.

Skill: Use ring finger it is OK to show sweet to greeting acupuncture point begins abdomen to press the 2 fluctuations that divide Zuo gently, extent has acid to bilge with appreciably feeling is advisable.

Action: Can assist clear hot detoxify to come loose cold, it is to be aimed at very have a fever the n&v snuffle that the cold causes has reduce effect first-rately.